How can I reset my password?

During onboarding, Hummingbird’s customer success team will trigger a welcome email which prompts you to login. Use the link in the welcome email to set up a strong password.

  1. Once your account has been confirmed, you can click on the “Forgot password?” button on the Hummingbird login page (sandbox account or production account) to trigger the reset password flow

2. Enter your email and click on "Send Password Reset Instructions"

3. Open the password reset email and click on "Change My Password"

4. Set up a new strong password then click on "Change Password"

5. You should now be redirected to the login screen where you'd input your email and the new strong password

For security reasons, we lock your account after 5 failed login attempts for 10 minutes. After that, your account would automatically unlock and you can log in again.

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