What is the Hummingbird SAR Filing API?

Hummingbird helps you create and file high-quality suspicious activity reports (SARs). Our SAR Filing API ensures accurate translation from your data schema to SAR, validates all information against the most current SAR requirements per Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), remedies validation issues before submission, and electronically submits prepared SARs to FIU. We help you efficiently manage the end-to-end process from SAR filing creation to filing acceptance.

Use of this API does not require use of the Hummingbird case management platform. The SAR filing API is a great product for organizations that have an existing case management solution and just need to manage the tricky parts of FinCEN integration. The required steps include:

1. Determining that you want to file a SAR in whichever case management solution you are using

2. Collecting the data you would like to go into the SAR and make a POST request to the Hummingbird API with it, creating a SAR Filing case

You can build the case over time with additional POSTs that build up the case information, or you can send it all in one go_._

3. Calling an additional API to validate the SAR

We run the information through a large library of tests and validations to minimize the risk of you submitting an invalid SAR to FinCEN.

4. When you're ready, making an API call to push it to FInCEN

We send it to them through our integration and monitor the status for updates.

5. Polling our API for status updates, or setting up a webhook where we push updates to you.

Reach out to our team at support@hummingbird.co to get started.

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