API Interaction

You have uncluttered your CRM by merging duplicates - congrats! Now, what happens with future API events?

Unlike most CRMs where Secondary Profiles cease to exist and return errors when API updates are attempted, a Compliance CRM cannot just ignore new data that could impact compliance activities.

The Hummingbird CRM will continue to accept new data not only for the Primary Profile in a merge, but for all Constituent Members of that profile.

How does this work?

Let's consider a scenario where two alerts are received (Alert 1 and Alert 2), with IDs of PersonA and PersonB, and two Person profiles are created. On closer inspection, these records are determined to be the same person and are merged into one profile, where the record containing the ID of PersonA is set as the Primary profile, resulting in Person AB.

After this merge, very important information is sent in Alert 3 (referencing ID PersonA) and Alert 4 (referencing ID PersonB). Most CRMs would return an error for the new information referencing PersonB. However, the Hummingbird API will intelligently route the alert for PersonB to the merged Profile, incorporating new data with a Primary designation if the field is currently empty, incorporate new data with a Secondary designation if there is currently a value in that field, and ignore duplicate data.

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