Can I set ongoing monitoring/reminders for certain cases? Where can I find these cases?

Hummingbird enables you to create a reminder to check back on a case after a period of time. These reminders are commonly used in financial compliance for monitoring certain cases every 90 days. When you want to monitor a case in this manner, Hummingbird creates a “pending” review of the case that will open when it’s time to review the case again.

When you filter the "Status" column on the Dashboard, you can select the Pending state, which will only list cases that are in a pending state and will open after the specified amount of time (usually 90 days). These reviews can’t be completed until they open, but you can see what you have queued for the future. This view can be useful for planning your future workload and for showing your monitoring cases to an auditor.

Hummingbird can configure preset follow-up timelines for you. We do not currently allow the analysts to set custom timelines - this is a design choice in support of ensuring that your reviews are conducted on policy-driven timelines. Reach out to the Hummingbird team ( to learn more.

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