How do I sign-in to Hummingbird for the first time?

During onboarding, Hummingbird’s customer success team will create a sandbox account for your organization and trigger a welcome email which prompts you to login.

1. Click on "Complete My Account" from the welcome email sent to your email address

2. Create your account by setting up a strong password, then click on Next

3. Log in using your email and the strong password that you just set

Note: For security reasons, we lock your account after 5 failed login attempts for 10 minutes. After that, your account would automatically unlock and you can log in again.

You also have the option to sign-in to Hummingbird with your Google account. Simply click on “Sign In with Google” on the Hummingbird log-in page and follow the steps.

For security purposes, we highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication. To do so, click on your name in the top right, then choose Settings from the dropdown menu. Within the Account tab, you’ll see a field called Security. Click on the pencil icon and choose an authentication method (i.e., Email or Authenticator). Select your preferred method and follow the instructions to configure two-factor authentication.

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