How do I manually import data into Hummingbird?

We recommend importing as much data as possible through our API to prevent human error translating information between systems. This approach also helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to investigate and complete a case.

That said, we understand it’s not always feasible to import all of your data via our API, so we offer three ways to manually import data in the Hummingbird platform.

1. Bulk import multiple cases at once (requires configuration).

Hummingbird can enable you to import multiple cases from a spreadsheet at once. The spreadsheet can be a tabular format of case data that includes information like alerts, subjects, accounts, and transactions.

To use the Hummingbird bulk import feature, you must work with the Hummingbird team to configure the template of data that will be used to import data. Please contact us at to start this process.

2. Import the investigation data within a case.

Within a case, Hummingbird can configure a custom format for you that will import multiple types of case entity data together in one step. For example, Hummingbird can import a spreadsheet that contains information about the case subjects (people or businesses), the accounts used, and the transactions associated with a case in one import.

To import a case data format, the Hummingbird team will work with you to configure the desired data format in your sandbox or production environment.

Once configured, to import information from a spreadsheet:

  1. Select a case from the main dashboard

  2. Click on the “Add to Case” button

  3. Select "Custom Import" from the drop-down menu

4. Import a spreadsheet, drag-and-drop a spreadsheet (into the “....or import a file” area in the pop-up screen) or copy-paste the data from a spreadsheet

5. Click on “Import”

6. Verify the data being imported (see screenshot below)

7. Click on “Complete”

3. Manually create the data

You are always free to manually add the data necessary for the investigation. To get started, from within a case, you would click on the “Add to Case” button to see the variety of objects you can add:

This would bring up a form where you can add the data about the case data:

Note: you can add Bank Accounts, Payment Cards, Devices, and Crypto addresses to a case from within the Person of Business data.

In order to manually add one of these data objects, you would first need to:

  1. Open the entity in question, and click on "Accounts & Devices".

  2. Click on "+ Add new".

  3. Select the data you'd like to add, and fill out the form.

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