How can I see all Profiles associated with my cases?

Let's look at the Profile Dashboard

The Profile Dashboard is the home for all People, Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Products received by Hummingbird for your Organization.

How do I filter the results?

This view has much in common with the Case Dashboard, in that you're able to apply multiple levels of filters and sort columns. To learn how to filter most Hummingbird tables, please refer to the Enhanced Dashboard Filters help article.

NOTE: We don't currently support sorting or filtering on case counts. This functionality will be shipped at a later date.

How do I view Profile details?

Just click on a row to drill down on the Profile, Accounts & Devices, and related Cases.

What does each column represent?

  • Profile: The name of the Person, Business, Financial Institution, or Product.

  • Type: Profile type - Person, Business, Financial Institution, or Product.

  • Device: Count of mobile devices or computers.

  • Accounts: Count of Crypto Addresses, Bank Accounts, or Cards.

  • Cases: Count of Cases containing the Profile.

  • Alerts: Count of Alerts containing the Profile.

  • Updated: The last date & time data changed withing the Profile.

  • Created: The date the Profile record was first received by Hummingbird.

  • Tags: Display of any Tags associated with the Profile.

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