Case Pinning

What is Case Pinning?

Hummingbird’s pinning functionality enables Analysts to further customize how they consume investigation details and complete review tasks by allowing them to choose what information is “pinned” in the right panel.

What is the benefit of Case Pinning?

Previously, the investigation canvas could only show Reviews in the right panel. However, analysts may want to see subject data side-by-side, view a review full screen, or even view two reviews side-by-side.

This creates efficienty when:

  • Referencing UARs

  • Triage

  • RFI details while completing AML workflows

  • Viewing case level investigation details while completing a narrative

Case Pinning allows an analyst to look at what they need, how they need.

How to use Case Pinning?

When launching from the Review Dashboard, the selected review will automatically be pinned to the right panel.

Any case data (review, transactions, subject, etc) will automatically open in a new tab on the left.

  • Pinning the tab moves it to the right panel, replacing what is there

  • Unpinning the right panel provides moves it to the left as a tab, showing you a full width view

  • Removing a pin provides a full page view of any tab within your investigative canvas

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