How do I manage transactions?

General Use

Any transactions associated with your case appear when you click the Transactions tile in a case.

At the top on the Transactions tab, you can see overall credits, debits, transfers, and net activity.

You can also click "Overview" to see a bar graph of total daily amounts.

You can also pop the transactions table into its own tab in order to gain real-estate.

NOTE: Changes made within the popped-out tab will not be visible within the investigation canvas until you refresh the page.


The dynamic functionality of the table allows you to create custom filtered views by clicking on column headings.

You can also create complex filter sets by clicking the "filter" button. The data will filter in real time based on your settings.

A third way to filter data is to start from the cell you want to filter on and work backwards:

Once you have the data filtered the way you want, you can name and save your queryset for use in other cases.

To recall your saved filters, just click the dropdown above the header.

Flagging, editing, adding, and deleting transactions

To flag a transaction as suspicious and to include in your SAR filing, click on the flag icon, which will be highlighted in blue in the Flag column. If no transactions are flagged, all transactions will be included in the SAR filing.

  • To add a new transaction, click on the "Add Transaction" button in the top-right corner of the table.

  • To copy one or multiple cells, just select them with your mouse and control+c.

  • To edit a transaction, double-click the transaction row. If you choose to edit a transaction, a new screen will appear for you to make changes to it. You can add/edit any additional information in the Notes field and they will appear in the Notes column in the table.

  • To delete a transaction, click the checkbox in the row of the transaction to delete.

Reordering and resizing columns

  • To reorder columns in the table, click on the name of the column and drag it to your preferred location.

  • To resize the column, hover over a column separator, then click and drag.

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