What are the Hummingbird APIs?

Hummingbird offers an Alerts API, a Case API, and a Filing API.

Alerts API

Hummingbird is designed to integrate with existing monitoring solutions. The Alerts API allows you to send alerts from monitoring systems along with any data that might be relevant for working the alert. Hummingbird will group alerts into cases based on the associated subjects and attach all the relevant data into the case.

Case API

For cases not tied to alerts from monitoring systems (e.g. customer review, incident reports, complaints, etc.), or in the event you want finer grained control over case creation, Hummingbird provides a Case API for creating or updating cases. Additionally, for information retrieval or data syncing, Hummingbird provides APIs for listing cases and fetching case information over API.

Hummingbird also supports batch creating cases over the case import API. This is preferable for use cases where it's desirable to create many cases all at once, or when dealing with very large cases.

Filing API

The SAR filing API is a great product for organizations that have some in-house compliance tooling and just need help managing the tricky parts of SAR filing integration. The filing API is built on top of the case API and allows you to validate cases against a given jurisdiction, file the case, and monitor the filing status.

Here is a link to all of Hummingbird’s API documentation: https://docs.hummingbird.co/ (Email support@hummingbird.co for access)

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