CRM Relationships (including beneficial owners)

Hummingbird allows you to relate Profiles to other Profiles


The power of CRM is the ability to associate objects with each other. Within Hummingbird, CRM objects are defined as Tier 1 and Tier 2:

Tier 1: People, Businesses, and Financial Institutions Tier 2: Bank Account, Payment Card, Devices, and Crypto Address

Hummingbird supports relationships between First and Second Tier objects, for instance; Bank Accounts and Businesses, Bank Accounts and Signatories, Devices and People.

Hummingbird also supports relationships between Tier 1 profiles - People and Businesses can be related to a business as Beneficial Owners of that business. We also support customer defined relationships.

Setting it up

To enable your organization to use CRM Relationships, we have created two badge permissions which can be assigned to badges of your choosing.

Create relationship definitions

Users with this badge permission can assign relationships between Profiles.

Modify relationship definitions

Users with this badge permission can create new custom relationship types.

In use

Beneficial Ownership

To establish beneficial ownership of a business:

  1. Navigate to the business profile

  2. Click "Relationships" in the sidebar

  3. Click "Related Profiles"

  4. Click the "Add new" button in the Beneficial Ownerships section

  5. Search for a business or a person, assign an ownership percentage & click "Confirm"

Defining Custom Relationships

Provided the user has the "Modify relationship definitions" badge permission, follow these steps to create and define a new relationship type.

  1. Navigate to a profile

  2. Click "Relationships" in the sidebar

  3. Click "Related Profiles"

  4. Scroll to "Custom Relationships"

  5. Click "Add new"

  6. Choose New custom relationship type

  7. Give your relationship a name

  8. Search for the profile you are relating

  9. Click "Confirm"

This relationship type will be available for other users in future.

Using Existing Custom Relationships

Just follow the steps above, but choose "Existing Custom Relationship Type"


  • You can quickly jump between related profiles by clicking on the relationship.

  • An asterisk next to a relationship means that the relationship originated from the profile you are currently viewing. To effectively manage asymmetrical relationships, we recommend being consistent in which profile you originate the relationship from. For example, always establish a relationship such as employer from the employer's profile.

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