Which features should I highlight during an audit? What should I present to the regulators?

Here are some key features and where to find them within Hummingbird. These should be highlighted and presented to the regulators during an audit.

Within a case

Automatic audit trail: This feature ensures that you have comprehensive audits of all work that occurs in Hummingbird. You can find this information in two places - at the bottom of the Overview section within a case, and in the History tab within Settings.

Comments and approvals: Whenever you leave a comment or ask someone for an approval, this action is captured in the audit trail. You can find this section above the audit trail in the Overview section within a case.

Download case information: This feature allows you to export detailed case information with one-click. You can find it at the bottom of the Overview section within a case.

Review type (e.g., Triage, AML Investigation, EDD, etc.): You can show standardized procedures (actions/tasks) for each investigation workflow.

Case monitoring: Once you’ve made the decision to “set ongoing monitoring” for a case, Hummingbird creates a “pending” review of the case that will automatically open when it’s time to review the case again (typically 90 days). This is particularly helpful when filing a continuing SAR. Learn more about case monitoring.

Within Settings

  1. Roles and permissions: This feature allows internal access control over visibility for different roles. You can find it in the Team tab within Settings.

From the main dashboard

  1. Timeline: This feature allows you to sort cases by due date. The most urgent cases are displayed in red. You can assign cases based on urgency level (learn more).

Within Analytics

  1. Time-sensitive reviews: You can see the number of time-sensitive cases across your organization within this page.


  1. Data feeds: Hummingbird works with many transaction monitoring systems (e.g., Alloy). The integration automatically populates alerts and cases within Hummingbird.

  2. FinCEN connectivity monitoring: The Hummingbird system continuously tracks FinCEN’s uptime. Our connectivity to FinCEN is self-healing - if you file a SAR while FinCEN’s system is down, Hummingbird will automatically try to resubmit your filing. You will also have an audit trail within Hummingbird to show when you’ve submitted a case. Learn more about how Hummingbird manages its connectivity to FinCEN.

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