Queue Assignments

Organizing work by groups of people

Queues can be helpful when seeking to view work that belongs to an entire team, or to direct review types shared across teams to specific groups of people. Please request access if you want to use this functionality.

Queue Configuration

All organizations are able to use queues. The effects are not seen until:

  • a queue is configured

  • a user belongs to a queue

To create a queue, simply designate a badge to be used as one by flipping the toggle on the Badge configuration page. Queue names are synonymous with the badge name used for the queue.

Once you have a badge enabled as a queue, you can assign members to that queue by giving them that badge.


There are two badge permissions associated with Queues: Assign Review Queue - allows the user to assign reviews to queues.

Unassign Review Queue - allows the user to remove a queue from a review,

Review Configuration

Once you have badges set to be used as queues, we do offer some specific configurations within reviews to take advantage. The stages in which queues can be utilized are:

Manually created reviews: All queues are available for selection when manually creating a review. A default can be set by review type.

Peer Review: You can opt to have specific queues available for Peer Review assignments. Note that when using queues you cannot mandate that the user assign to multiple people for peer review. Additionally, a default queue can be set, and queue selection can be set to be required.

Escalations: You can have Hummingbird configure escalations to be assigned to specific queues, show a subset of reviews, and to have a queue be required.

Review Assignment

Queues introduce a new concept of assignment - reviews can belong to a queue AND be assigned to a person. The assignment controls on a review have been modified to take advantage of queues. You can see here that this review is assigned to the Analyst queue, and to John.

This is also reflected on the dashboard with a new column and new "queue" filter.

We also created a quickfilter up top to display any reviews that are assigned to queues the user is a member of.

Peer Review

When queues are used for Peer Review, the review is assigned to the queue OR a person. Once they are picked up and approved or changes requested, the user's name that made that determination will also be available and searchable within the dashboard.

Hummingbird can configure your review to only show a subset of your queues to be available for Peer Review.


Reviews being escalated to another review type also have the option to only show a subset of your queues.

Deactivating a Queue

It would be difficult to retroactively change queues for existing cases. For example, if badge membership changes while a review is in-flight, or a queue is deactivated - where would the reviews go? For this reason, changes to queues will only apply to new reviews or assignments.

Proper sequence of events for intentional changes to a queue that should be applied to cases in-flight would be to create a new queue, and bulk assign reviews to the new queue.

Review Assignment Strategies and Permissions

Assignment strategies and permissions for reviews are not supported by queues directly. These can be managed in the same way they always have.


You can assign reviews to a queue via the API. Just navigate to Settings -> Badges & Permissions and view the queue configured badge you want to use. Scroll down to the queues section, grab the canonical id for the queue. This is the value you will use to populate the queue parameter on the /cases request.

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