Merging profiles have far-reaching implications

Primary Profile - this is the one used for filing. Constituent Profiles are any pre-merge profile that compose the newly merged record.

Open Cases

  • Open cases including any member of a merge will update to include the new entity

Case associations

  • If PersonA and PersonB are both in a case, and then merged and PersonB is merged into PersonA, PersonA will appear in the case twice.

  • All other information, including 2nd level entity information will be merged (in all cases).

Past Cases

  • Past cases containing any Constituent Subject will reflect the Primary Subject, unless they are locked...

Locked Cases

  • No information in locked cases should ever change while in a locked state.

  • The standard disclosure modal will be shown upon unlocking a case, at which time any subjects that were subsequently merged will be updated.

  • When unlocking a case in the event Subject B was merged into Subject A:

    • Subject A will be updated to the merged entity

    • If both Subject A and Subject B were in the case at time of lock, they would each be replaced by the new Subject A and would inherit Subject A and Subject B’s relationship to the case.

    • Expectation is that the user will remove the redundant Subject A if necessary.

Future Cases

  • Future cases that involve any Constituent Member of a merge will surface the merged Subject instead

  • The universe of related cases will expand to include all constituent members


  • Any current and future transaction that relates to any member of a merged subject should be updated to reflect the new subject, locked cases excluded

Connections Graph

  • The connections graph should now show all connections from the Primary and Secondary Subjects

Snooze Rules

  • Snooze rules will not be carried forward for any Constituent Subject

Secondary Entity Relationships (bank accounts, crypto wallets, etc)

  • Tags and institution relationships for the Secondary Entities will be de-duplicated and carried to the Primary Subject.

Case Data Exclusions

  • Cases will inherit the exclusion status from the Primary Profile

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