How do I complete a review (from start to finish)?

After creating a case (manually or via Hummingbird's API), click on the case from the dashboard to work on it. You’ll find information about the status, what triggered the review, and the current status of each of the actions you need to take to complete the review. A review is considered complete when all the actions and tasks for that review are complete.

Example – AML Investigation review type

Once you’re in a case, you’ll see a list of the reviews done for that case. For each review, you’ll see an Overview section, a Research section and a list of Actions in the left panel.

Within the Overview section, you can view high-level information including case status, case stage, filing status, trigger, subjects, date range, and net activity, etc. There’s also a comments & approvals section for collaborating with your team. You can view a list of review activity (audit log) and available case documents that you can download at the bottom.

Within the Research section, you can view a checklist of different research sources. You also have the ability to import one or multiple attachments at once. Note: The checklist can be customized to suit your needs.

Within the Actions section, you can click on each option to expand the individual tasks:

  1. Write a narrative to describe the activity that occurred.

  2. Add transaction information

  3. Add subject information

  4. (Optional) Select what type of products & financial instruments were involved

  5. (Optional) Add cyber event indicators

  6. Make a decision to file/don’t file

Note: You will see a confirmation screen at the Decision stage within a review. For example, when you make a decision to escalate a review or file a SAR, a new screen will appear and ask you to confirm that you want to take that action.

[Required if the decision is to file a SAR]

  1. Search and select what type of suspicious activity took place

  2. Fill out the filing details (e.g., filing type, file ID, etc.)


  1. Set ongoing monitoring

Once you finish all the tasks (including “Set ongoing monitoring” if your review type includes this action), your review will automatically be completed. You will see the green checkmark at the top of the review. You can also manually “complete” a case by clicking on the ellipsis next to the review, and selecting "Complete" from the menu.

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