How should I integrate transaction monitoring alerts? What’s the recommended data flow?

To facilitate an AML investigation that arises from a transaction alert, we recommend using the following data flow when integrating with Hummingbird:

  1. Start from the transaction(s) that triggered an alert.

  2. Pull the customer profile, linked account records, and other account details for the customer that made the transaction.

  3. Query for all of the customer's transactions over a recent period of time (generally the last 3-12 months of activity, but this time window is at your compliance team’s discretion).

  4. Call the Hummingbird Alerts API with this information to create an alert and send the initial case information you assembled in the previous steps.

The Hummingbird Alerts API will automatically combine multiple alerts from the same customer into a single case – this is very handy for your compliance team!

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