CRM Profile Attachments

Include file attachments on CRM objects

Hummingbird allows you to associate files with CRM objects. So, driver's licenses are available wherever that person is being viewed, or bank statement can be available wherever where a bank account is being viewed.

Additionally, admin-configured tags can be used to identify the types of documents associated.

Attaching a file to a CRM object

It's pretty simple.

Navigate to an entity from within the Case or directly from the Profiles dashboard and click on "Files" in the sidebar.

You're now viewing a list of files associated with the CRM object. To add a new one, just drag and drop to add it directly, or click "Add new" to navigate from your file system.

The file is now available in every case this CRM object is included in.

Managing files

File controls

File controls are accessed via a kebab menu in narrow screen mode, or as an icon in wider perspectives.


So many files will be named screenshot 2024-06-07.png or something along those lines. Click the pencil icon or choose "rename" from the kebab menu. Give the file a new name and confirm your intention.

Opening a preview within Hummingbird

You may not want to download these files to your file system in order to see the content. If the file is a previewable type (which are most), you will see an eye icon in the file control menu. Just click that and your file will open within a new tab.

You can now just close the tab, or download the file if you wish.

Downloading a file

Click download from the file control menu or document preview.

Tag a file

You may have common files that are attached to CRM entities, like bank statements or articles of incorporation or driver's licenses. Your administrator can configure tags that are available for use in categorizing files. To do so, just click the + icon or Add tags from the kabab menu. From here, just choose a tag.

Managing tags

Administrators can establish tags to be used specifically for CRM files in the settings area. Tags are entirely future-facing; meaning that if a tag is deleted, all files that have that tag will continue to carry that tag. Tags also cannot be edited, so be sure of the name you give before introducing it into your practice.

If you have the appropriate permissions and want to edit tags, navigate to Settings -> Organization Settings -> Tags. Choose the tab Attachment Tags

Add or delete as needed.

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