What’s the difference between the Organization tab and the Filing Institution tab in Settings?

The Organization tab shows information and settings relating to your account with Hummingbird. Click on the Update Organization button at the bottom left of the screen to update Profile Information, Narrative Templates, API Keys, and Login Message.

The Filing Institution tab shows information about your organization that would be included when you file a SAR. Click on the Update Filing Institution button at the bottom left of the screen to update Filing Institution Information (e.g., legal name, tax ID, institution type, primary federal regulator, financial intelligence unit, etc.), Organization Identifier (e.g., Central Registration Depository (CRD) ID number), and FinCEN Credentials.

The required fields for Filing Institutions include:

  • Legal Name

  • Filing Department

  • Phone

  • Tax ID Type

  • Tax ID Number

  • Institution Type

  • Primary Federal Regulator

  • Financial Intelligence Unit

  • Address fields

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