Traceable Filings

Get more insight into what is happening when you file a SAR.

What are “Traceable Filings”?

Traceable Filings are a feature that gives you more insight into the individual events when you file a SAR with FINCEN.

How is this different from the old version?

In the old version, when you file a SAR with FinCEN, you are presented with an experience that gives little information about what is happening. See the example below.

Obviously, this gives you little insight into what is happening. We wanted to change that with our new Traceable Filings. In the new version, you can track your filing as we batch it, deliver it to FINCEN, and when FINCEN processes it, as seen below.

How can I use Traceable Filings?

At this time, Traceable Filings are only supported for Batched Filings that are sent to FinCEN are supported. Any report filed with FinCEN that is not leveraging Batched Filing will not show the updated Filing Timeline.

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