Where can I see a summary of all my cases over time?

There are several tables available for your review within the Analytics dashboard:

  • Total Reviews By Date: This chart shows you the count of reviews created, closed, and open as of a given date.

  • Review Types By Date Created: This chart allows you to visualize the number of reviews that are created each day by review type (e.g., Triage or AML Investigation).

  • Decision: You can toggle between various charts which will allow you to visualize the number of decisions. For example:

    • U.S. Filing (AML Investigation) - filed or dismissed

    • Set On Ongoing Monitoring Decision - flag or not flagged

    • Prepare U.S. SAR Filing Decision - marked as complete (yes/no)

    • U.S. Filing (SAR Filing) - filed or dismissed

    • Escalation Decision - escalated or dismissed

  • SARs filed: This chart allows you to visualize the number of SARs filed per day over an adjustable time period.

  • Case Triggers and Outcomes: This download shows you the number of triggers associated with case outcome over an adjustable time period.

Note: when you click to download this report, it will download two separate CSV files. Some browsers have blocked the second file and will show a warning indicating that the website is trying to download multiple files – be sure to allow Hummingbird to download multiple files.

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