How do badges (roles & permissions) work in Hummingbird?

Every user in Hummingbird is assigned a badge (a set of permissions). The top-level permission setting is the Admin badge. The most restricted permission setting is the Analyst badge, where a user will only be able to see cases that are assigned to them. Learn more about how to assign a case/review to your teammates (help article).

Most users in Hummingbird are assigned either the Admin badge or the Analyst badge. Hummingbird can create customized badges for your team. Here are some examples of permissions that we can configure on/off:

  • Ability to see all cases across your organization

  • Ability to file

  • Ability to manually complete / reopen a review

  • Ability to update / remove narrative templates

Please reach out to the Hummingbird team ( and we’ll be happy to help with any questions.

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