Enhanced Dashboard Filtering

What is enhanced dashboard filtering?

Hummingbird is focused on adding additional customization and flexibility to the platform so you can specify and view details that are relevant and important to you. This is just the start, more enhancements coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Filter and Filter Group?

A Filter allows you to define which data point(s) you’d like displayed on your dashboard by specifying either a singular or multiple fields with exclusive (and) or inclusive (or) logic . A Filter Group allows you to apply more granular and specific logic by combining multiple filters into one group, which can then be applied to additional filters.

How do I know how the dashboard data has been customized?

We display which filters are being applied on the top left hand side of your dashboard, and expose the sorting order in the column header.

Is there a max number of filters or sorting you can apply?

No! You can apply as many filters and sort as many columns as needed/desired.

How do I filter by CSV?

Alert ID and Internal Control Number are filterable by comma-separated values. Just comma separate the identifiers you are looking for in a string and paste into the text input field. We currently support up to 100 items to filter on.

Is the dashboard layout sharable?

Sending your dashboard URL to another Hummingbird user will present them with your customized layout. Badge permissions will impact what data is displayed and would result in different review details being presented.

Can you save a dashboard layout?

Yes! You have two options:

  1. Saving your customized dashboard layout as a bookmark will allow you to easily access and share the filtered/sorted dashboard.

  2. Save it on the platform.

How do I save filter views to my Hummingbird user account?

Once a filter is set that you want to save, click the Save filter view button. You will then be given an opportunity to name the filter. You can then retrieve the filter on your next session in the view selector.

How do I rename or delete my saved filters?

Easy! When viewing a saved filter, rename or delete functionality is available in the upper-left.

What about modifying my saved filters?

To modify a saved filter, just load the filter, make a change and apply that change. You will then see the context change at the top of your dashboard.

  • Rename filter view: Saves the changes to the saved filter and renames it at the same time.

  • Delete filter view: Deletes the saved filter

  • Update filter view: Updated the existing saved filter with the new settings

  • Save as new: Saves the update filter under a new name

Why are my dashboard settings removed after clicking into a detail view?

When working with ad-hoc filters (not viewing a saved filter) dashboard settings will be wiped once you click into a case and click on the Hummingbird icon to navigate back to the dashboard or table.

How do I retain filters when I view detail and then return to the dashboard?

Simple! Saved filters persist between viewing details and viewing the dashboard. Just load a saved filter set and it will be applied throughout your session. You know your view is being filtered by observing the context in the upper-left of the dashboard.

How do I export the data from my dashboard?

To export your data, simply click on the "⋮" icon and select the "Export to CSV" button. This will enable you to download a CSV file containing all the reviews that match your current filters.

Have questions?

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