Adding additional data to a review (other info)

Hummingbird allows the inclusion of other_info fields to provide additional context to a review, as well as provide sortable fields of arbitrary data. This data can be passed via API, csv imports, or manually.

The way other info works is that there is a Key, and a Value. For example: Key : Risk Score Value : 0.85

Keys show up as columns on the Case Dashboard.

Managing Other Info

There is a tile on the Canvas that shows the number of Other Info entries by Review. The Internal Control Number is shown. If no ICN is present, the case token is displayed instead.

Viewing and editing Other Info

Just click the Other Info Tile to see the values for all Reviews in the case. To make edits, just edit the value in the cell and click Save. To add other info, just click "Add field", enter your info, and click Save.

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